Monster of the Day #1371

OK, yesterday’s poster was pretty accurate, but this one? Not so much. They do have the Marlon Brando guy on it, though.

  • Gamera977

    Well, you’d need the USN to take on a monster the size of a battleship… Whoops- wrong movie…

  • I’ve seen this movie exactly once, and it was many long years ago. I remember exactly one scene from it: one of the army guys comes stumbling into frame with an arm torn off.

    Now that I’ve said that, there’s probably no such scene and I’ve been confusing this with another film.

  • bgbear_rnh

    Little “Bud” Anderson too mature to go by “Billy” any more, however, hoofer Bobby Van is will to stay forever young (until he died).

    and Neil Simon’s lovely and talented wife Pamela mason (I know, I know, it is an SCTV reference).

  • Eric Hinkle

    There are no scenes like this in the movie, are there?

  • Flangepart

    Nope. It was a sailor. Still had a problem using semaphore…

  • Flangepart

    Ah……………………no. Not as such….well, the arm removal yeah…

  • bgbear_rnh

    Maybe “A Farewell to Arms” ?

  • Rock Baker

    One of those films far better than it’s reputation. And one certainly can’t complain about that cast!

  • Ericb

    I can watch it now and laugh at how goofy it looks but when I was a little kid this movie scared the hell out of me.

  • Marsden

    I remember liking this one.