Monster of the Day #1350

What, Monday already?!

The Cubs are playing .800 ball (!) after sweeping seven games this week from the Pirates and Nats. However, yesterday’s 13 inning game ran five hours, so hopefully the team isn’t utterly fatigued before starting tonight’s game.

  • That looks less like taking a walk with the Walking Dead and more like taking a drag by the collar across a graveyard while a thunderstorm rages overhead with the Walking Dead. Which is close to the same, but not that close.

    “Wolfe’s Fangs?” A bit pretentious, isn’t? And what the heck goes on with that “Kill Me a Monster” thumbnail?

  • Dennis has grown up and become even more of a menace!

  • sandra

    Wolfe’s Fangs ? When did Nero become a werewolf ?

  • Gamera977

    Still can’t top: ‘I Walked With a Zombie.’

  • CaptNemo

    George Romero comissioned a copy of the painting The Screaming Man done to his specifications.

  • Flangepart

    I think the running dead were health freaks in life, and that’s why World War Z was the result of Zombiefied fitness instructors.
    “And lift that skull, and lift that skull- rip,rip-rip rip rip. Press that meatbag, and eat that brain-eat that brain-EAT THAT BRAIN…and, rest.”

  • bgbear_rnh

    RIP William Shallert ;-(

  • David Charney


  • Captain Zombie Marvel! instead of crying SHAZAM he cries ROMERO!