Monster of the Day #1341

I couldn’t find a full still of this guy, quickly dubbed the Centard by the audience at T(ween)-Fest. He’s a centaur with a scorpion tail, I guess. Most of the time CGI is used to do his lower body and like all such work in this film, it looks awful. The actor is trying for fun overacting in the role (I hope), but the film is so lame that its just tiresome.

  • Ericb

    Was this supposed to be a comic relief monster? What’s with the buck teeth?

  • Gamera977

    I think he’s in one or more of the arcade games. Not sure about the back teeth.

  • Flangepart

    Great elbows. Be hard to find a comfortable chair.

  • The Rev.

    This is Motaro, who appeared in MK3 as the (at the time) most recent in a line of Goro analogues, serving as the sub-boss before you got to fight Shao Khan. The tail is apparently a cybernetic implant; it’s long, metallic, and has a pointed tip. It may have been more scorpion-shaped in the movie; it wasn’t in the games. He wasn’t very popular; aside from a couple of cameos, he’s only been playable in two games in the series to date, and one of those was a “we’re throwing everyone we’ve ever had into this” type game.

    I can only guess that the teeth are to make him more horse-like? I don’t even remember him having those in the movie. Of course I haven’t seen him since the theatrical release…

    Why do I get the feeling Kirk came up with “Centard”? (Also, I wish I’d come up with it.)

  • Video Games can be gloriously insane at times.