Monster of the Day #1338

So T(ween)-Fest ’15 is in the books as of a week ago. Sadly a lot of the regulars were not able to attend, hopefully fall goes better in that regard. Otherwise it was a good time.

Last fall we opened with my perennial favorite Mortal Kombat, which went over well. So it was natural to open this Fest with it’s despised sequel. It wasn’t any better than I remembered it being from when I saw it opening night in the theaters.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    What number is this?


    That lady’s not only well armed, she’s also quite handy to have around. Though she does try to palm off her work.


  • Flangepart

    That’s three puns. Add another pun and make it a gallon.

  • bgbear_rnh

    Forewarned is four armed.

  • kgb_san_diego


  • The Rev.

    The glimpse I got of Sheeva in the trailer had me excited to see this movie more than anything else. I had assumed if she appeared in the sequel she’d be a charming but obvious puppet like Goro. Instead, they had an actual person with computer-generated arms, which looked really good on-screen and in action. She ended up being the thing that made me hate this movie more than anything else.

    Why? Because she’s in it about 20 seconds total before being unceremoniously killed. One of the only things they didn’t screw up, and then they barely used it. I’d been thinking that everything was bad, but then Sheeva would show up and things would get better. And then they pull that. The guy in the painfully obvious rubber Baraka mask had more screentime for @#%&’s sake.

    I’m glad I missed you guys showing this, because seriously, FTM.