Monster of the Day #1318

This actually could have been used during our Revived Supernatural Serial Killer Week.

  • “Hey! You see when Lorraine Gary went? This time it’s really, really personal! Like to the fourth power personal! And sooper scary too!”

  • Gamera977

    All I can say is Ken runs an entire week of shark monsters and not one ‘This looks like a job for Aquaman!’ joke? What’s wrong with you guys!?!

  • bgbear_rnh

    Not one bubble. Are they all encased in a Jell-o dessert?

  • SteveWD

    Haven’t seen this one. Is this ‘Ghost Shark’? Looks just like Bruce, jowls and all.

  • Eric Hinkle

    Looks like ‘Ghost Shark’ to me. You should have seen one scene where this young boy somehow drives his Dad’s car over to a charity car wash being done by hot babes in bikinis. They start soaping it down, pressing their, ahem, anatomy against the window to his vast glee (wouldn’t that get everyone involved in some sort of legal trouble these days?). Of course there’s water everywhere which permits the Ghost Shark to manifest and gobble the screaming lovelies up in proper fashion. Including one gal who gets sucked down into a water bucket, legs kicking as she’s eaten alive.

    And the little boy is still grinning through it all. I figure he was either a sociopath in the making, or Junior thought ‘This is the dumbest movie anyone will ever see.’

  • Flangepart

    Aye, laddie. We;ll just say Namor aboot it.

  • Flangepart

    Did the cast at least try to keep a straight face with this one?
    “So…you got the gig in, what is it, ‘Ghost Shark?’ Seriously dude?”
    “Hey, it beats workin’ third shift at Burger King.”

  • What you don’t realize is that by a frightening “coincidence” every single one of the victims this week told an Aquaman joke within three days of their deaths.

  • Eric Hinkle

    I saw it, and with the exception of the kid I mentioned above, they seem to have done a good job of holding in their laughter.

    Though (spoiler alert!) some of us felt like crying when we saw Richard Moll (‘Bull the bald bailiff’ from Night Court), of all people, playing a villain in it. I hope he did this for the fun of it and not because he was that desperate for cash.

    Though it could have been worse, look how many of these shoddy films had John Rhys-Davis appearing in them for a while. Right after LOTR came out, too. What, did he have a $10,000 a week habit of some sort?

  • The Rev.

    I was happy to see Moll, personally; I enjoy him, mostly due to his ability to pull up before overacting crosses into ridiculous hamminess. He pops up in this type of film once in a while, and from watching him in action, in my opinion he’s either happy working and being in these types of movies, or good at hiding his resentment. Hopefully the former. Believe me, he could do much worse than this; he popped up in that Siffy movie with the Headless Horseman years ago, and it was not as good as this one by any stretch (although it did feature a “severed head” effect that had me uproariously laughing and yelling at the movie in outrage at the same time).

  • The Rev.

    Yeah, this is Ghost Shark. I really liked this one. This scene, unfortunately, is from one of the two rule-breaking moments the movie engages in, in order to keep main characters from dying. Although this one isn’t the outright cheat the other one is. They really stuck out for me as I was enjoying everything else so much. The only other concern I had was with the kills being played for laughs (hell, occasionally outright winking at the audience), whereas everything else is dead serious, making the movie seem bipolar. I was luckily able to dissociate the two and enjoy them on their own merits. If nothing else, how many of these types of movies do you see where proof of the monster is actually taken at face value, regardless of how ridiculous things are? The only character that continues to deny the situation is purposely lying to themselves, which is to be expected since they’re the Major Vaughn of the movie.

  • Richard Moll has a lot of BAD movies in his career, among them a little anti-gem called The Nightmare Never Ends. I haven’t seen this particular film, but it’s hard to think that most everything is better than appearing in another Nightmare.

  • Eric Hinkle

    I’ll have to take your word about that movie; never saw it myself.

  • The Rev.

    I barely know anything about that movie; apparently it’s also called Cataclysm, though. I found a screenshot of Moll with a hairdo (!) that rivals Christopher Lee’s in The Wicker Man and that is almost enough for me to try to find it.

    Moll was also in The Dungeonmaster, which I still haven’t seen. At one point at T-Fest 2012 we were given a choice between it and The Lonely Lady. It won the vote, but then Sandy, and especially Ken, started pouting and crying about it until a few people changed their votes out of a combination of pity and disgust. I was one of them, and after the movie I resolved to never again do anything nice for either of them ever again because I am certain there is no way I would have hated The Dungeonmaster as much as I did The Lonely Lady.

    God, T-Fest 2012…very little good came out of that one. They did finally play Attack of the Supermonsters; and it also cured me of my dilla-dalla-dilemma regarding a certain movie song. I suppose it’s fun to look back at how angry everyone was throughout the day, and just got angrier with (almost) every subsequent movie. And I no longer fear Funky Forest, or indeed death itself, after Daniel the Wizard.

  • Eric Hinkle

    Thanks for that list of movies to avoid. If they can leave loyal Jabootuites feeling weak and broken, they must be the cinematic equivalents of the Necronomicon.

  • Not only was The Nightmare Never Ends also known as Cataclysm, it’s also known as Satan’s Supper and appears as a segment of the Horr… excuse me, “Horror” anthology Night Train to Terror. Should you watch any version of the film, it should be Night Train as the crap FX in the original version have been replaced with stop motion animation.

    That said, Night Train also features at least two other potential Bad Movies (one of which feature Richard Moll playing a different part) and I have no idea of their quality. Though I seem to think Night Train popped up as a Monster of the Day here at one point.