Monster of the Day #1232

Hmmph. Brother, the thing’s a girl’s got to do to get a job in this town!”

Watched this over the weekend, mostly because of a similar film Sandy Petersen and I tele-watched over the phone the weekend before. This one was weirdly coy, with the fangs not appearing until the film was two-thirds over. This in a movie where the word “Vampire” is in the title, meaning the ‘mystery’ aspect didn’t work too well.

My favorite part was that the set-up of the film really foretold that of one of my favorites, Bloody Pit of Horror. Indeed, the film shared several key cast members. It also did the reincarnation thing, thus being pretty early in vampire films to do so. Now they all do, it seems.

There was a bit of nudity, and the heroine wore a diaphanous gown that when the light was just right allowed you to sort of make out her boobs. This was enough, apparently, to get the film played here on the Pussycat circuit. Or so I assume from the trailer, which makes the film sound much racier than it is.

  • Eric Hinkle

    If she looked any more bored I’d half expect her to break out the cell phone and take a call while he’s biting her. “Oh, hi, Gert. That recipe for brownies? Sure, nothing’s happening here.”

  • Rock Baker

    This shot used to appear in the promos for TNT’s 100% WEIRD. Sadly, that’s all I’ve ever seen of it.

  • That poor vampire. He’s been trying to entertain his date with the ultimate in humor–puns of course–and that’s the only reaction he’s been getting out her is a rolling of the eyes. And they were good puns, too.

    Not like there’s any other kind, mind you.

    I mean, the pun is a wonder meant to be shared with as many people as possible, as often as you possibly can. Puns never grow old. Ever.


    In any case… Keep the faith, my punny Nosferatu brother! Keep the faith!

  • Ken_Begg

    “Hey, baby, my favorite holiday is coming up. Fangsgiving. Eh? Fangsgiving? Get it?”

  • Gamera977

    ‘Oh gawd, another vampire. I guess you’re all sparkly too?’

  • You can tell that’s the perfect Vampire pun because not only does it both suck and bite, you also have to be a little batty to honestly appreciated it.

    And yes, I will steal it the first time the opportunity arises.

    I’m not proud.

  • Flangepart

    “Arghh! Okay plasma breath, lets get this over with, alright?”