Monster of the Day #1231

That’s a lot stronger meat than I expected from an Atlas/Marvel horror comic. It really foretells The Manster, that’s for sure. EC would have titled it “Split Decision” or something, though.

Went to my childhood haunt the Pickwick theater last night, where my old friend Matt Hoffman ran Abbott & Costello Meets Frankenstein on the huge screen there for nearly 750 appreciative fans. There was a costume parade for the kiddie, including a toddler made up fantastically to look like Chucky from Child’s Play. A great movie (easily A&C’s best) and a great night.

Happy Halloween everyone.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    “Martians…Look Out! The half-naked man has found you, and he is determined to wrassle!”

  • Gamera977

    Now you’ve got me thinking about El Santo as John Carter and everyone at work wonders why I’m having a giggle fit.

  • Gamera977

    I’d guess understanding what went wrong would start with ‘what was the experiment about in the first place’ eh? I’d guess if it were a baldness cure it would be a bit of a disappointment.
    BTW: could I pin a bunch of bad movie DVDs to my shirt to create a Jabootu Halloween costume???

  • Ericb

    Primary season is tough on politicians.

  • bgbear_rnh

    You tampered in God’s domain. Duh.

  • Eric Hinkle

    Happy Halloween yourself, Mister Begg!

  • Gamera977

    When the result of Doctor Parker’s cloning experiment turned out hideous and obscene in disguise he pushed it out the lab window.

    Twenty minutes later the police showed up and arrested him for – ‘making an obscene clone fall…’

  • sandra

    What went wrong ? Well. for a start, he injected himself in the midriff.

  • Rock Baker

    For what it’s worth, “The Dead One” is also the name of a movie. Judging from the preview, a comparatively lush offering from Barry Mahon.

    That does remind me, you recall that Hitchhiker episode “Shattered Vows”? In the comments, someone mentioned a vaguely similar Tales From The Crypt episode. I managed to run across an even more similar tale from the actual comic book (or it’s companion title Vault of Horror) under the title of “Busted Marriage.” This story was so similar to the Hitchhiker episode that someone should’ve sued the jeans off of our grammatically-challenged transient!

  • Here’s a fellow that’s taken a Stone Temple Pilots song too seriously.

    I’m the only one here with that song now stuck in his head, aren’t I?

  • kgb_san_diego

    Yup. :-)

  • Well fortunately I’ve got my Home Self Trepanning Kit for just such emergencies.

    At least I think that’s why I have it.

    I might have used it once too often of late…