Monster of the Day #1223

I said eariler that Leviathan ripped off Alien as well as The Thing, but then I could find no stills proving such a thing. Apparently I was wrong.

  • Nathan

    This was the one standout scene in the entire movie. Honestly I’d call it a good example of how to ripoff a better movie. Note, in this scene Dejesus is not doing anything stupid, (As far as he knows, the monster is gone.), he is not doing anything where we end up wanting him to die (His character is not written to be annoying.) He is just going to get some popcorn.

    The scene has a mean streak as well, (Which is actually a good thing in a horror movie.) This scene is protracted, and that Jonesy is there but can’t do anything other then lock the door and run for help makes it particularly brutal. Likewise, Jonesy’s actions are fairly rational as well. Don’t touch it, isolate it, get help. That the door shuts on Dejesus’s final scream is well done as well. In horror movies, horrible things happen to good people, people we don’t want to see die horribly. Shame so few movies remember that today.

    Just a shame that its all downhill from there, creature wise. But honestly watch this with the similar scene in Prometheus and tell me which is better.