Monster of the Day #1219

motd 1219

After Bloody Pit of Horror we showed Robot Monster (already featured in MotD). Even *that* hadn’t been seen by three people, so there’s nothing we can show, maybe even Plan 9, that everyone will have seen.

In fact, Sandy did feel it was time for Ed Wood to get his due, so we also showed Glen or Glenda, Wood’s (by far) most personal film. And his artiest, as the crossdressing main character, played by Wood himself, tries to overcome prejudice. This later aspect is personified by the Devil, who in a fairly deft note, is played by the same actor who is briefly seen playing the character’s father.

Wood is going pretty arty in this one; note the lamp floating impressionistically against the dead black space.

  • Gamera977

    Honestly, AFTER watching this film transvestites seem stranger than than they did BEFORE I watched it.

  • Gamera977

    Oh, and ‘snips and snails and PUPPY DOG TAILS!!!’

  • Flangepart

    The Devil needs a brow trim.
    And Ed…wow, that a light bulb head. Glad I didn’t see this pic. after I’d had a few too many…

  • bgbear_rnh

    Some parents today get upset if their kid wont cross dress.

  • Eric Hinkle

    Given the way some normally sane people have been acting elsewhere online I half expected Ken to post a picture of that undead serial killer Indian from Scalps just to give ’em the business.

  • Best pantomime Satan, ever!

  • Rock Baker

    There are some interesting impressionistic minimalist sets used during the dream sequences here. It seems to sum up Wood fairly well, in that he always seemed within reach of displaying some real talent, but never quite got a hold on it.

    What’s interesting, and almost completely unmentioned, about GLEN OR GLENDA is that Glen is actually cured in the end. The film as a whole paints a picture of a man who desperately wanted -ultimately- to be perfectly normal, but wanted some support along the way.

  • Rock Baker

    By the way, with October among us now, I again find myself wondering if we’ll ever get that promised look at HALLOWEEN II….

  • bgbear_rnh

    Ken must be suffering from Cub fever and to worn out to post ;-)