Monster of the Day #1177

The best of the Hammer Frankensteins, I think, although I’m not a huge fan of the series. (Peter Cushing aside, obviously.)

The central conceit of this one was recycled for the TV movie Frankenstein: The True Story. The film also features a wryly humorous ending, which is as far as I remember never referred to again in the films that follows.

I apologize for the lack of MotDs lately; I’ve been having a lot of Internet issues. It’s working now (Sunday night), so I’m putting this up now and scheduling it for tomorrow morning.

  • I never saw this movie as a kid, but had I, I would have hated it. Why? Because it. Has. No. Monster. What kind of Frankenstein movie is it without a Monster? A bad one, that what.

    As an adult, it’s okay. I liked the ending. But it could have been better.


    You know.

    It had a monster.

  • zombiewhacker

    Would this be The Revenge of Frankenstein with Cushing and Francis Matthews? If so, this also was my favorite Hammer Dr. Frank movie growing up… although I have not watched it for years and wonder if it holds up after all this time.

  • Rock Baker

    That it is. I should think it’d hold up. All the elements are there. One of Hammer’s finest (in league with NIGHT CREATURES, THE BRIDES OF DRACULA, etc) in my own opinion.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Whenever I look at this, I think of Kurt in a big-budget remake of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.