Monster of the Day #1146

Who doesn’t like a good glob monster? The original story was drawn by Jack Kirby, and it got a spotlight cover in this reprint series, with John Severin providing a very nice piece of work. I’m pretty sure I owned this one as a kid.

Sorry this is so late, I’m still having a lot trouble with my Internet connection, especially in the morning.

  • Marvel did an adaptation of Theodore Sturgeon’s blob monster It. i wonder if this piece had a connection. I’m not thinking it’s an adaptation, mind, judging by the cover, as scientists with dynamite were in short supply in Sturgeon’s tale.

    All that said, This is probably my favorite cover of the week. Outside of the idea you could use dynamite so close and not making a mess of yourself (perhaps Dr. Scientist there is really desperate not to get a high dry cleaner bill again) this is an image without obvious flaw. It even tells its story without a plethora of word bubbles. You get the distinct impression that It is one of the misunderstood type glob creatures Very good stuff.

  • CaptNemo

    I’ll bet the guy with the dynamite is saying “And f*** you, too!”

    You think John Carpenter picked this up when he was a kid?

  • Gamera977

    Wouldn’t the dynamite just cause the blob monster to splatter instead of killing it??? Doctor TNT would just ruin his tapestries and honk off the critter…

  • Beckoning Chasm

    The position of the hands (both of Dr. TNT and It) makes this look like the Dr is feeding his pet. “No, no, you sit, first. Sit nicely. Sit! Then you’ll get your nice lit dynamite. But not before.”

  • Flangepart

    Playing Catch…EXTREAM!

  • Sandy Petersen

    I’m not sure that Sturgeon’s “It” is really a blob monster – it’s more of a mold-growing-on-a-skeleton monster. It’s certainly the most sympathetic blob monster I know of.