Monster of the Day #1128

I got nothing. Nice ghost, though.

  • Flangepart

    The Krell wanted to have a word with the ancestors of Capt. J.J. Adams.

  • bgbear_rnh

    I feel I should say something witty since there are so few comments but like Ken I have no joke.

    Here is what I got : Washington Square Arch was built in 1892 to celebrate the
    centennial of George Washington’s inauguration as President of the United
    States in 1789 (these things take time, not like George will care). It is constructed of white Tuckahoe marble and it was designed by Stanford White and modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

  • Rock Baker

    Isn’t there yet another structure of similar design in Mexico? I seem to recall such a building in THE BLACK SCORPION.

  • bgbear_rnh

    They were quite the fashionable city statement for awhile. “Monumento a la RevoluciĆ³n” in Mexico is supposed to be one of the tallest.

    Much nicer than most civic art today.

  • Eric Hinkle

    This will be OT but here I am watching the original “Fright Night”, mostly on Muster Begg’s recommendation. Like a fool I decide to go looking for more info online about it and discover that “everyone knows” the film is “really” about “awakening to your sexuality”. And oh yes, Evil Ed is gay and has a crush on Charlie Brewster. And Peter Vincent kills him because it’s a lover’s quarrel.

    Must everything be all about sex with some people? *Sigh* Sorry, just wanted to say I vastly prefer Ken’s interpretation of the movie.

    Returning to the actual subject at hand, wow but that’s one cool and creepy ghost up there. But I wonder what it’s a ghost of, the Cardiff Giant?

  • Wade Harrell

    If I remember correctly, you can actually see it THROUGH the scorpion because it was transparent during it’s rampage through downtown Mexico City.

  • Gamera977

    I went back and watched FN again a few weeks ago too. I guess I can kinda see it though Ken’s post about it being about corruption makes a lot more sense to me too.

  • Rock Baker

    That’s because the effect used in those scenes was only the matte plate. I’ve heard two explanations for this. One is that the budgetary limitations called for some corner cutting and they didn’t finish the opticals. The other story is that the producers saw the footage prior to being completed and liked the look of the jet-black scorpion, and so decreed the footage should remain as is.

  • Wade Harrell

    I suspect the former. Having seen this film a number of times, I noticed they re-use many of the scorpion sequences multiple times. For example, there’s a part where you see a row of scorpions running down a hill and you see the exact same clip at least twice, maybe three. Despite these shortcomings, I love the realistic way the scorpions are animated (with the exception of the googly-eyed drooling scorpion close up which is goofy), they move like the real thing. The scene where you see the scorpion creeping from under the bridge is especially great, I’ve seen real ones do that exact thing, under rocks of course.