Monster of the Day #1069

“Hey! Hey!

  • Gamera977

    Well, I guess being in the navy fighting an octopus makes a little more sense….

    I love the angelfish, ‘Hey, I hope we’re not next! We didn’t see nuttin’, nuttin’ at all, just keep moving along and maybe he’ll ignore us.’

  • And here’s another case of unwarranted violence against a cephalopod.

    What we are witnessing here is not an octopus attacking one of our fine Navy ships. No, no. Look at how beyond the propeller there is not a hint of ship.

    Thus what we are witnessing here is a legal salvage operation. In fact, for all we know, that bit of debris landed right in out eight legged friend’s backyard.

    But does Don Winslow of the Navy bother to check it out? Of course not. Out goes the knife and it’s stabby time.

    Compare this to Buck Rogers yesterday. That octopus was clearly going hentai on the… um… Dale Arden clone and had to be stopped hard. Even the Fighting Yank seemed to be doing good (albeit for incredibly bored people.)

    But this? Disgraceful. America’s most valiant fighter indeed!

    Time to end the violence against innocent cephalopods and raise our heroic standards at the same time.

  • Flangepart

    Or, Winslow has this thing for really fresh Calamari.