Monster of the Day #1020

This was another kiddie-themed show, although more tragic than comedic. The bird featured here basically just pops up at the end is and seen elliptically enough that it was hard to grab captures. It starts out a regular pet bird, then grows itself out of the cage here, smashes out of a building, and flies around and generates hurricane-wind damage, in what I think was repurposed footage from Mothra.

The show tended to recycle bits of monsters, and this is clearly related to the monster bird from the first episode, especially around the head. The body is pretty different though.

  • Acethepug

    And STILL a better monster than “The Giant Claw.” Also betting at least an order of magnitude fewer “bigger than a battleship!” comments, too :)

  • It depends on what you mean by better, though, doesn’t it? Technically, yeah it is. But in pure dumb goofy fun…

  • Flangepart

    Well, in terms of P.D.G.Fun both films work. If the Japanese flick has less pretentions, then it gets the nod for honesty.
    Still a great wee beastie.

  • CaptNemo

    Big Bird was never quite the same after using Steroids.

  • bgbear_rnh

    First draft: Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Bird”

  • bgbear_rnh

    Polly want a cracker, NOW!

  • Flangepart

    “Good evening.
    I’ve a fowl story to tell you. It’s about a town in Japan, and a man who has a problem with worms. Not the intestinal kinds, just the fish hook types.
    He tries a radical approach to the pests, but as usual with our stories, he gets more then he bargined for. Well, that’s what happens when a chicken farmer goes out on a wing and a prayer.
    Speaking of worm problems, I’d like now to present a word from our sponsor. It’s a feather in my cap to say, this commercial is Hen-sational…And for the record, I don’t write the copy, I just speak it.”

  • David Fullam

    Very moving ending to this one.

  • Rock Baker

    Looks like something from The Addams Family, doesn’t it?

  • It’s like when Tweety Bird drank Jekyll and Hyde potion.
    “You bad ol’ puddy tat!”

  • Eric Hinkle

    It kind of reminds me of ‘Carey the Canary’ from that one Three Stooges short where Larry steals an entire train car so he can convince a drunken Shemp to marry his girlfriend’s sister. Anyone who ever saw it is probably having flashbacks right about now.

  • Eric Hinkle

    And oh how Sylvester reacted. Literally going to pieces!

  • The Rev.

    For those curious, the bird’s name is Larugeus, and it was an ancient, carnivorous bird that for some reason could turn itself into a kaiju.

    According to what I’ve read, the footage was from Rodan rather than Mothra. I’d have to see the episode to compare.

    My understanding is that this started as a Rodan miniature from Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster, then became a Litra prop for the first “Ultra Q” episode (I think Ken’s already used it for an earlier MotD), then became this, and finally ended up as the Giant Condor from Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster.

  • Ken_Begg

    Yes, the head is clearly the same as Litra’s, but the body is much more feathered in this incarnation. Litra has more of an armored appearance.