[UPDATE] Monster of the Day #931

In the mid-60s Dell decided to jump on the superhero bandwagon. Their gimmick was to base heroes on the classic Universal monsters. There was this and a Frankenstein book, and a Werewolf title (Wolf Man being copyrighted), but the latter had no real monster trappings. He was a spy with a fancy bodysuit and a pet wolf.

These comics were short lived and for good reason; they were awful. The art looked like something a 12 year old put out from his house, and the writing was about the same level. You can find the comics on the web if you’re interested, I think.

UPDATE: Lest anyone thought I was exaggerating. This, remember, was a comic put out by a professional company. They expected kids to buy this, at the same cost as an issue of Spider-Man or the Fantastic four.

Still, at least we’ve finally found the superhero Nicholas Cage was born to play.