Monster of the Day #870

Yesterday’s monster was evil, this one highly sympathetic. They needed to destroy it, but you really feel sorry for the creature, which as you can see is extremely cute. This is one of those “dangers of SCIENCE!” episodes. Being a Japanese show, though, the main lesson learned is that acting for ones self instead of for the team is bad.

  • bgbear_rnh

    “It’s The Mole! Fire!”

    “No honest guys, I am just a mole. . . iieee”

  • BobTanaka

    Toho admittedly took a little creative license with its adaptation of “The Wind in the Willows”

  • bgbear_rnh

    I hope those four cars in front of the cave/mole hill have been abandoned.

    hey, that’s funny, he made a molehill out of a mountain yuck, yuck

  • Flangepart

    Is this that rarest of all occasions, one where the JSDF wins one all by itself? Nah…that’s what the hero is for.
    The motto of the JSDF should be “we die like redshirts!”

  • Gamera977

    ‘And when The Mole ruined his wife’s flower garden General Yamamura brought out the heavy firepower…’

  • Flangepart

    Addendum: In the old days, tanks missed huge targets all over the place. Tanks are small targets at long rangs, so they are expected to wail on each other at like 1.000 yards, and they don’t look that big away off.
    Wern’t till the 90’s they started getting 90% hits commenserate with their gunsigts.
    In short, at the time this was filmed, you could say the JSDF shot like Stormtroopers.

  • Rock Baker

    Rare scenes from the Japanese adaptation of Thumbellina…..

  • Luke Blanchard

    Does Japanese TV still do monsters and models shows?

  • The Rev.

    They keep making new Ultraman series and related shows (like that “Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle” one I’ve mentioned from a few years ago) that air over there, at least. The most recent ones were “Ultraman Ginga” and, most relevantly to this post, “Neo Ultra Q.” Both aired last year. There have been quite a few Kamen Rider series lately, with “Kamen Rider Gaim” the most recent (again, last year); also the Super Sentai series is still going strong (that’s the one they pulled the clips from to make “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”) with “Ressha Sentai ToQger” currently airing.

    I would imagine there are similar shows from other companies, although I don’t know any offhand. Let’s face it, though, those are the big three in that realm.

  • Luke Blanchard

    Thanks, Rev.