Monster of the Day #865


  • Acethepug

    “When a Krynoid and a manor house love each other very much …”

  • Ken_Begg

    “Sailor Moon! SAILOR MOON!!! Where are you?!”

  • Gamera977

    When the English love of gardening goes horrifically wrong…

  • bgbear_rnh

    Stand, Old Ivy, stand firm and strong.
    Grand Old Ivy, hear the cheering throng.
    Stand, Old Ivy, and never yield.

  • Ken_Begg

    Cthulhu Lawn Service, Where Every Weed is an Old One.

  • The Rev.

    Ooo, I actually remember this.

    Anyone else immediately think of the plant monster from Infra-Man upon seeing this shot today?

  • Gamera977

    Funny, it didn’t see it till you mentioned it but now the resemblance is obvious!

  • Rock Baker

    Oooooh! I’m gonna have to see this one!

  • I love Seeds of Doom. It has some of the best lines, and this final assault on Chase’s estate is glorious.

  • Flangepart

    The result is CTHULOLANTI! Two, two, two monsters in one!

    And the Dr. owes the RAF one, cause without napalm, earth would be a Vegan’s dream.

  • Petoht

    So glad to see someone finally made Shoggoth on the Roof.

  • Rodford Smith

    What was that _Avengers_ episode which had much in common with this story? “The Man-Eater of Surrey Green”?