Monster of the Day #855

Sadly, the puppet I most closely resemble.

aka, Marlon Brando, the Later Years.

  • Flangepart

    A pinhead other than Zippy.

  • The Rev.

    One of my favorite moments of this series is from the 2nd one, where that guy is wrestling Pinhead here. God I laugh every time I watch that.

  • Ericb

    There were prehistoric beasties called caseids that actually kind of looked like this. Silly looking things that probably won’t ever have a SyFy movie made about them but interesting nonetheless.

  • Rock Baker

    Blade could point or stab, but Pinhead here always seemed more useful because he actually had hands capable of heavy tasks. I noticed the stop motion animators also seemed to be most fond of him over the other puppets.

  • Ken_Begg

    His size might have made him easier to deal with; some shots they even could have cheated him as a hand-puppet, I’d expect.

  • Rock Baker

    I have no doubt!

  • The Rev.

    Tunneller got quite a bit of stop-motion love, I know; did Pinhead as well? I must admit I don’t remember. I mostly recall seeing his arms and hands (probably on sticks being held by someone off-camera) wielding various weapons, or someone holding the full-sized prop and “wrestling” with it.

    Like I said on yesterday’s post, Jester is the brains and Blade’s the commando; Pinhead would definitely be the…I can’t think of the term I want to use. Fixer? Basically the guy that can get things done, regardless of what they are.

    I mean, he is quite handy.

  • Reed

    Yes, Pinhead is a hand puttpet; he has a pair of actual human arms and hands sticking through his sweater, which as you would guess makes him quite a bit more dextrous than the other puppets, at least in scenes where he isn’t wrestling someone. I always thought it would be truly hysterical if in the wrestling scene they still used the “hands through the sweater” puppet.
    My favorite puppet was Leech, because… Seriously? That’s your menacing attack? Leeches? It’s so stupid it’s really kind of sublime.

  • Rock Baker

    He’d be the muscle, so I guess the foot-soldier.

    I know that for a number of the films, there was a lady midget who supplied Pinhead’s hands. She punched a lot of people in her job!

    Seems like Pinhead was the one I remember having the most animation shots in the early days. You’re right, though, Tunneller saw a lot of animation too. I always liked Tunneller for some reason. There was just something about his look that worked.

  • The Rev.

    Yeah, my love for Blade is easy to explain. Six-Shooter and Torch I also like a lot, although I admit a lot of that is based on their designs. (If any puppet is scarier-looking than Blade, it’s Torch.) Again, that’s easy. Tunneller…yeah, I have a harder time defining why I like him. He looks neat, and his weapon is nasty, but there’s something about him, even though he’s probably the most simplistic puppet in terms of behavior (about all he ever does is get in position and then run headfirst at people). He has charisma, I guess.