Monster of the Day #839


  • Gamera977

    ‘Last one to smash Tokyo is a rotten egg!!!’

  • Reed

    I wish I had a poster of this picture on my wall. It’s beautiful, and a much more pristine quality than you get from the actual movie. It almost looks like a set of movie tie-in toys instead of the suited actors from the movie itself, until you look at Jet Jaguar’s crotch.
    What? Don’t judge me!

  • Ericb

    It’s pretty easy to date when the folks at Toho started using drugs.

  • bgbear_rnh

    and once again, Jet Jaguar wins at rock-paper-scissors due to having the most functional hands.


  • Reed

    The bastard love child of Jack Nicholson and the Michelin Man!

  • God, I love Gigan. I can’t explain why. Just do.

    This, though, has to be one of the worst of the Showa Godzillas. Maybe better than Vs the Smog Monster and surely as hell better than Godzilla’s Revenge. But still, super dull up until Godzilla arrives.

  • Flangepart

    “Knock,knock,knock-who’s there?”

  • Gamera977

    BTW: off topic but I saw an ad last night that Oxygen (I think) is doing another version of ‘Flowers in the Attic’. Looks just as Jabootu worthy though.

  • Jamie B.

    I remember seeing this one at the YMCA on my birthday when they were doing free summer movies for the kids. We all came home and acted out the movie. I was stuck being Gigan.

  • The Rev.

    Man, I don’t even KNOW you. Super dull? Lakes drained by earthquakes, spies galore, a car/motorcycle chase, attempted murder by giant monster, attacks with toy airplanes, people crushed by boulders, a giant monster having a freak-out, an amazingly progressive attitude toward gay adoption…hell, the basic plot is “subterranean culture based around togas and show tunes sends pet giant drill-handed beetle to team up with intergalactic cyborg chicken whose belly is a buzzsaw to fight giant radioactive therapod and physics-defying robot with a face like Jack Nicholson.” How is that not one of the best things ever??

    I can’t even blame it on it being my 2nd Godzilla movie, and one that would obviously catch a young boy’s imagination, because I probably love it more now than I did then.

    I can understand Smog Monster not appealing to everyone (even though, surprise surprise, I think that one’s great, too), and I’ve never been overly fond of Godzilla’s Revenge (and I first saw it at a pretty young age), but people who don’t like vs. Megalon mystify me.

    However, Gigan love needs no explanation because Gigan is awesome.

  • The Rev.

    Sorry you felt stuck playing Gigan. Granted, Godzilla’d be my first choice, but I’d be perfectly happy with Gigan.

    It could’ve been worse; you could have been stuck playing Jet Jaguar.

  • Flangepart

    Gigan is pretty bad a$$ in the Dark Horse GODZILLA comics too.

  • I know! All that and Megalon still did nothing for me. I can’t say why, except that I was coming in to watch Godzilla and Godzilla seemed to be taking a slow boat in. But, again, once he’s there, the movie takes an uptick.

    My opinion fluctuates with Smog Monster. I’ve watched it and been bored to tears one year, then the next thought it entertaining. That might be how it would go with Megalon

  • Rodford Smith

    It’s the Monster Glee Club!

  • The Rev.

    Did you mean the recent IDW run? I’m quite sure I have the entire Dark Horse run, and they never got any license for monsters outside of the Big G, hence their creations like the Thunderbird and the Locust King. (They didn’t have that problem with their Gamera mini-series; sadly, they never did another one.) IDW, on the other hand, got just about every kaiju Toho could offer for their comics, and I know Gigan is one of them.

  • Jamie B.

    I was 11. Jet Jaguar was cool. Nowadays not so much.