Monster of the Day #832

Yesterday’s cover was from a collection of the entire story Terror in the Tall Tower. Here is a similar cover for one of the issues a chapter of the story appeared in. Yesterday’s effort was slicker, to be sure, but this one is quite nice as well. It’s certainly easy to believe that many a kid was enticed to buy the comic upon seeing that cover.

Again, thanks to Rock Baker for digging up these images.

  • Gamera977

    Pretty impressive work with all the little spots on the octopus and the reflections in the puddles.

  • sandra

    If this was written today they could entice ithe ocotpus to the front of the building Londoners call the Walkie-Scorchie and let the Death Ray take care of it. Honestly, there’s a new building whose parabolic shape causes it focus a heat ray onto the sidewalk on sunny days which is strong enough to melt parts of a Mercedes. Look it up.

  • Flangepart

    I’ve seen these , likely the same place Rock did. Wish I thought to send them. Drat!
    Good picks, though.

  • Rock Baker

    I ran across an interior page that had been posted on Facebook and it caught my eye, so I did an image search to find a better version. What I found instead were these covers. The interior art was nice and spooky, though. I wish I’d been able to provide one of those pages.

  • Rock Baker

    I’m always happy to share the wonders of giant octopus action!