Monster of the Day #831 (UPDATED)

Rock sent me some more of these babies, and I can never get enough of them. I should warn people that I have a good couple of dozen of octo-pics saved up, so expect them throughout the year.

It’s minus 18 degrees here right now, and we’re to have basically a day and a half straight of minus double digit temps. Then back up to a balmy mid-30s by the end of the week. We need to melt some of this snow (there will be some flooding, though.) Yesterday I was nearly the point where I couldn’t throw the new snow over the piled up stuff. And there’s a spot right in front of my trailer that’s like that already.

UPDATE: Some of us seems intrigued by the cover, and so:

“This edition is the compilation of a series that ran in Wizard comics from 1974 through to 1975. I read it in 1980 (the copyright date) when I would have been about 11 and I’ve been vainly searching for it for the past ten years or more. By chance, I found out what it was called, picked up a copy on eBay and settled down to read it. Don Ballard, an English teen (I presume) goes to New York as he’s just inherited the Ballard Building, which has been empty for years and is believed to be haunted. He is befriended by Jago, a hippy, when Don is assaulted by crooks but all is not what it seems. Don’s Uncle and a notorious criminal called Dum Dum Taborda have hidden a lot of money somewhere in the building and everyone wants it back, but no-one has counted on the monstrous presence that lurks in the basement. Now I’m not going to be a fool and call this great literature, but for a boys comic strip from the 70s, this does the job perfectly – the story is fast-paced, the dialogue is clipped but crowning it all is the stunning artwork by Denis McLouglin. Great stuff – and if you were a kid growing in the 70s and loved “boys papers” from that time period, this is highly recommended.”