Happy New Year!

Well, I tried to count my blessings. “Sure, I’ve got to shovel all day on my holiday,” I thought, “but I don’t have to be driving anywhere, and at least I can shovel through the day and keep the snow from piling up.”

Good plan, except it kept snowing all night so there was six more inches when I woke up this morning. My car SUCKS on snow so it was…adventurous…on the drive to work this morning. And the snow continues to pile up. I hope I can even park when I get home tonight.

Then next week we get some SEVERE cold; one night the actual temp is supposed to be minus 18 degrees, so I’ll be freaking out about my 30 year old furnace breaking down and / or my pipes freezing. Good times.

Hopefully I muddle through the next week, and it turns out we were just getting all the bad stuff out of the way before B-Fest. Let’s hope.

I hope and trust everyone else is having a better time of it.