Monster of the Day #827

It’s going to be a short week, and I have a few more snake stills, so we might as well kill these off. Here we get an utterly generic bad CGI snake that could have come from any one of a dozen SyFy ‘original’ ‘movies.’

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did, except I took a fall on Friday and I pretty evidently bruised or cracked a rib. It’s a preview of old age, I guess, in that every movement kind of hurts. And in my case, old age isn’t that far off, so I guess I’ll try to use it as an object lesson. Another lesson: Avoid falls.

Jeff W. sent me the latest, and sadly looks to be last, season (13 episodes) of Futurama for Christmas. I thought this was the best batch of episodes since the show left Fox. I have watched all but the last episode, that will get my full attention tonight.