Monster of the Day #810

I kind of like the fact that they play around with the fact that Barnabas has been around a while.

  • Gamera977

    Spending eternity as a stinky, hairy, toothless pirate seems like a pretty nasty curse to me. Though I guess it does beat living (sorta) in a decaying castle and drinking blood.

  • Flangepart

    Vampire in a bottle! Now at Victoria’s Secret!

  • sandra

    So its those guys from the first Pirates of the Caribbean, eh ? “Y’har Matey, y’har!”

  • Flangepart

    So…if he drinks their blood, they become mortal? Man, the rules of weird fiction…can’t keep track of ’em all.

  • Rock Baker

    Another one where if you replace Collins with Doug and Tony, this image could be used for Time Tunnel adventure. In fact, this could be emblematic of the episode with Victor Jory as the leader of a band of pirates holding our heroes on a tiny island….