Monster of the Day #803

So when a Frankenstein Monster and a vampire have a child, it’s a werewolf. Just like one would guess.

As Eric H. noted, apparently in the Munsters ‘reimagining’ the two Bryans (Singer and Fuller) did a year ago, little Eddie was a boy scout who tore his entire troop to pieces during a full moon camping trip. The Munsters, everyone!

  • Flangepart

    Ah, yes. Must take the monster background to it’s full extreme. That’s what one does these days.

  • bgbear_rnh

    I always like the way the show turned into “Leave it to Beaver” when it came to Eddie. Same creators/writers I believe.

  • Rock Baker

    Further proof execs should leave earlier things alone and try for some creativity from time to time. I’d not heard of this gory update of The Munsters until this week. I’m quite thankful for that! That said, I can’t really say I’m completely surprised. That in itself is pretty sad.

  • SteveWD

    You know, I hadn’t heard of ‘Mockingbird Lane’ either until this week and the more I learn about it the more horrible it sounds. Herman, as some kind of a patchwork ‘zombie’, Eddie as a bloodthirsty werewolf. It sounds like some kind of weird parody instead of a serious attempt at a real show.

    The central joke of ‘The Munsters’ was that they were a normal American family that just happened to be classic monsters. Herman looked like Frankenstein’s monster but he had a job and carried his lunchbox and acted ‘normal’, etc. Anything without that concept isn’t really ‘The Munsters’, and if you’re not going to use that basic premise why try to make the connection other than for some ‘brand recognition’.

    BTW – tomorrows picture better be eyes and teeth with fire breath under the stairs. (I loved Spot when I was a kid)

  • Rock Baker

    Yeah, I think the original producers even said what they were really doing was Father Knows Best with a different cast. That in itself sums it up. It’s simple, direct, that’s why it works.

  • Flangepart

    Sure. The Munsters are a group of immigrants who settled into the new country, when ya think on it. Just trying to get along.
    The contradiction of the image (Monster) with the everyday reality (Working class folk) and an easy going harmless personality makes the show work.
    The darkness of the new movie, however, makes that impossible.
    The Addams Family flicks took a look at the edge and said, “thaaat’s close enough, guys.” and it worked.
    This time…not so mush.

  • Rock Baker

    The Addams Family movies at least had a shred of justification, since they were based more directly on the original cartoons of Charles Addams, which tended to be a bit more macabre than the beloved TV show. I know of at least two attempts prior to this ‘horror’ take to revive The Munsters. At some point, it must become clear even to a network suit that the idea is folly.

  • Flangepart

    More Macabre…ah, yes the wedding cake.
    “Lurch, she was supposed to go in the cake after you baked it.!”