Photobucket disaster…

Photobucket has indeed forced account holders over to their new format. Despite all evidence, I do not in fact want to use Photobucket to tell a fucking story, whatever the fuck that means. I want to be able to do the same shit on their site that I’ve been doing for years now. They’re literally made that impossible. I REALLY want to cancel my paid account, but then I’m sure all my previous links will disappear. So I’ll have to continue to pay them to make it a caretaker site, which really, really sucks.

The lack of a thumbnail on today’s MotD is part of this. You can’t do that anymore. I guess the idea is that I’d have to edit each Photo–once I can figure out their retarded new editing system–and store it was a second image, and then link to that. That’s way too much work.

I guess I’ve got to find a new home for my photos to work from for the future. Any suggestions? I swear, this is so disheartening I feel like weeping.