Ringing in the New Year…

OK, I have some ideas for 2013, but I’d love suggestions on what you’d like to see here. Aside from the obvious “Maybe you could actually write some stuff.” Yeah, that would probably be a good idea. Let’s admit it, Monster of the Day has been the only thing keeping the site afloat for the last couple of years.

Be as general or specific as you’d like. Hell, we’ll make it a contest. What movie would you guys like to see me review? I can’t promise what the review will be like, since I don’t know what the movie will be, but field some candidates and we’ll put it up for a vote. Since there’s only like six of you left, you’re vote would have a lot weight.*

[*Suggestions from Kirk Draut and Sandy Petersen may be ignored at the author’s discretion.]

Happy New Year, everyone.