Partial T-Fest line-up…

As I noted before, some of us will be getting together with Sandy Petersen in Dallas on Saturday July 26th to watch B-movies. We have more room if anyone else wants to come join us. Just e-mail me at for details.

Sandy and Chris and I (jr. partner) pick the movies, which makes for a varied slate. Sandy likes manic craziness in his b-movies, and has a heavy taste for wackier international stuff. He also likes obscurities. (He once asked me if I thought the invisible dinosaur movie Sound of Terror was “too well-known” for T-Fest.) Chris is active in independent films, and likes to show recent art-house/cult fare. For myself, I’m (surprise) the group’s traditionalist. Freeman Williams (Dr. Freex) also fills that role, but he can’t make it this year.

Chris has a few more empty slots, but here’s what we’ve got so far. The timings/order are but a rough:

10:00 Eternal Evil of Asia 89 Mins. 1994 (WARNING: HEAVY GORE AND VIOLENCE!)
Well, I don’t know what it’s about, but here are the film’s Amazon plot words: Female Nudity; Beautiful Woman; Stop Motion; Sex; Blood; Brothel; Death; Erotica; Evil Sorcerer; Ghost; Group Sex; Invisibility; Love Potion; Martial Arts; Nudity; Oral Sex; Penis; Rape; Revenge; Sex Magic; Taoist Priest; Thailand; Witchcraft. In case people are wondering, we’re starting with this so that Sandy can bring his kids in for the milder fare later on.

11:30 From Hell it Came 73 Mins. 1957 B&W (Actually, I can’t find my copy of this. I’ll try to get another, but otherwise may go with something else. Originally I was going to show Queen of Outer Space, but we had NO black and white movies in the line-up at this point, so I switched.)

1:00 The Harrad Experiment 97 mins. 1973 (WARNING! HIPPIES!)

3:00 Big Man Japan 2007 113 mins.


7:00 Big Meat Eater 82 mins. 1982

8:45 Chris Pick

10:00 War in Space 89 mins. 1977

11:30 Some Movie with a T-Rex in it.

One nice thing is that all the movies (save Big Man Japan) are about an hour and a half or less. I dig that. Lots of shorts, too, courtesy of Chris. I expect Dr. Tran will be making his annual appearances.

  • What have been the past T-rex films?

  • Let’s see, I think we’ve done three of these, so…

    2005) The Last Dinosaur
    2006) The Land Unknown
    2007) Uhm…

    Hmm, I know Sandy (we rotate the T-Rex slot) meant to show King Dinosaur last year, but Amazon boned him and sent him the movie late. Let’s see… OK, somebody help me out here.

    If anyone is mocking me for not remembering this, let me reply: Let he who has also had to sit through Funky Forest throw the first stone.

  • Kirk Draut saves the day. Amusingly, he also couldn’t remember what the movie was, but remembered what *wasn’t* shown, aka King Dinosaur. He had notes, though, and looked it up. IT was Yongarry, Monster from the Deep.

  • Ericb

    Aren’t the rules a bit lax if you can pass off Yongarry as a T. Rex movie?

  • 8:45 Chris Pick

    Never before have two words filled me with dread and trepidation.

  • So that means that “My Science Project” and the Carnosaur films are all game. hehehe

  • Yongarry was an emergency pick, remember. But really, I expect things like Valley of the Gwangii and Beast of Hollow Mountain would make the cut, even if they aren’t really T-Rexes.

    As for the Carnosaur movies…that’s many moons off, hopefully!

  • While “Gwangi” was certainly an allosaurus, I’ve read different views on what the “The Beast of Hollow Mountain” is (some say it’s a tyrannosaur, others say it’s an allosaur). “Planet of the Dinosaurs” has a good, solid, stop-motion T-rex.

  • Well, either Freeman or I will have the slot next year. I’d probably go with Dinosaurus!

  • Roger H

    “Eternal Evil of Asia” sounds like the source of that Kung Fu sex video clip that’s been part of the internet for quite awhile.

    The clip is a funny and clever parody of Wire Fu once you get past the nudity and simulated sex. Good use use gratuitous sex and nudity.

    The excessive gore does not always add that much to a film.

    For T-Rex don’t forget FUTURE WAR.

  • Chad R.

    From Hell It Came? I better start un-limb-ering my tree puns.

  • The Rev. D.D.

    Big Man Japan? Excellent! They showed it at the USA Film Festival a couple months back and I wasn’t able to make it.
    “Chris Pick” is making me feel like something Lovecraftian’s about to slither out of the ether and onto my doorstep. *shudder*
    Curious about “Big Meat Eater”. Never heard of it, and I’m not looking it up so I can see it cold…for better or worse.
    I don’t think Gwangi’s a T-Rex. He’s got three fingers and a more allosaurian cast to him. If he were meant to be a Rex, I’m betting Harryhausen would’ve known to give him only two fingers.
    Let’s see…maybe “King Kong Escapes” or “Destroy All Monsters”? I know Gorosaurus isn’t the star of either, but he’s basically a huge T-Rex. Or how about “Attack of the SuperMonsters”? There’s a couple of Rex-type dinos, and they’re led by Emperor Tyrannus!
    Perhaps you could inflict “The Mighty Gorga” on us?…
    Sorry to hear about Dr. Freex. Is he doing all right?

  • Freeman is fine; he just had a big family vacation thing that ate up his off time. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for next year.

  • Teleport city has a good review of Eternal Evil of Asia, at least one that made me want to see it. Used to have screencaps before his redesign, not sure if they exist now.