Monster of the Day #1579

That’s…a pretty good make-up, especially for BritTV in the ’70s.

I really have to dive back into Pertwee’s run. I saw some of it when I was a kid in high school, but I missed some, and anyway that was a looooong time ago. If you ever stay at Sandy Petersen’s house he’s got all the commercially available DVDS, which is a ton. Or check out your local library. They can probably order them in if they don’t own them.

  • Gamera977

    Again big thanks Ken, I hadn’t even thought about trying to get these though the local library.

    Currently what I’ve seen. I’d love to fill in the gaps:
    First Doctor: Bit shy of a dozen stories.
    Second Doctor: Almost nothing.
    Third Doctor: About half-a-dozen stories.
    Fourth Doctor: About 2/3rds of his run.
    Fifth: About half of his run.
    Sixth: About a dozen.
    Seventh: About half-a-dozen stories.
    Eighth: Saw the movie when it aired years ago. Haven’t seen it since.

  • I’ve seen this one exactly once, back when it was only in black and white (I believe.)

  • bgbear_rnh

    When you’re feeling sad and blue you can always count on Dr. Who

  • Flangepart

    The Who-verse. Just as lethal as all the others, more so than some. Ever notice how cheap human life is in these places? Fun to watch, as long as you remember it’s not real. So long as the threat is UN-likely…

  • Gamera977

    I’m certainly no expert but I’d say anything if you want to try the series go for the First to Fifth Doctors. There were a few duds but most were fun and enjoyable. By the Sixth it seems to me they were running out of ideas and the Seventh often tended to preachy ‘message’ shows. I can see why the series staggered it’s way to cancilization with the way they were going.

  • I can’t quite agree, while the 7th’s first season wasn’t much there are some real classics near the end, the show was really finding its feet again when t was cancelled and I would say particularly that “Rememberence of the Daleks” is one of the absolute finest stories of any point in the run. “The Curse of Fenric” is pretty damned good stuff too.

    I will always be a Pertwee girl, but Sylvester McCoy is high on my list too.

  • Pertwee will always be “my” Doctor. I really want an Inverness cape and a couple of wildly colorful velvet jackets. To wear while mowing down baddies with my Venusian Aikido, don’t you know.

    Turns out he was a real life badass in WWII as well, although most of that did not become public knowledge until after his death.

  • The fact that he had two of my favorite companions in the coolly competent Liz Shaw and the just plain all-around-awesome Sarah Jane Smith never hurts (we do not discuss Jo Grant, ever).

  • Gamera977

    Thanks for the correction. As I said I’ve only seen a handful of Seventh Doctor stories. Guess I shouldn’t have written them off so soon.

  • Marsden

    I remember this scene from Mrs. Doubtfire.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I’m thinking either “Ambassadors of Death” or “Inferno” but obviously I have no clue.

  • I’m going to add Ghost Light to the list of good Seventh Doctor Stories. I’m also partial to Greatest Show in the Galaxy, but the end isn’t the best.

  • Jo was better than I remember her being, but the companions that bookend her are better.

  • Ambassadors of Death. If we’re going in sequence, Inferno is tomorrow.

  • Battlefield is great fun too, with the return of the Brig and a wonderfully nasty Jean Marsh (Jon Pertwee’s ex-wife) in the Morgaine role. Was that before or after her turn as Bavmorda in Willow? Basically the same character/different wig.

  • I am sure her actress is a lovely woman but I loathe that character. Rewatched her episodes not too long ago and something about her is just nails-on-a-blackboard to me. I think it is that she represents the worst stereotype of the Doctor’s dingbat screaming chick companion (which really wasn’t many of them but hoo boy, Jo made up several all by herself). Although I did like her guest appearance on “The Sarah Jane Adventures”.

  • Gamera977

    Lol, the few Third Doctor episodes I’ve seen were either Jo or Sarah Jane. Jo struck as, well… a blonde stereotype. She was ok, but I’ll take Sarah Jane, Tegan or Romana any day.

  • Barbara from the very first stories is probably my second favorite companion ever. She has affairs, becomes an Aztec god for a while, and runs over Daleks with a garbage truck.