Post Weekend Open Thread….

First, a call to anyone planning to attend B-Fest. If you are going, especially if you need anything from me on this end, please drop me a line at Less than a month away now!

Second, I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I worked Saturday, so mine was short. Yesterday, with my mom still in town, my brother and I and her went to my sister’s house, where my young niece opened her Christmas presents from us. I got her a Marvel Legos video game, but was beaten by my brother, since she preferred to first try out both the paint set he got her and the Despicable Me Monopoly set he also got her. So he won Christmas, damn his eyes.

Can’t complain about the short weekend, though, as it means I have Friday off this week, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday for the holidays. Sadly, we go to a new system at work this year (i.e., starting next week). Whenever we work the weekends now, we have to take the make-up day BEFORE the weekend, rather than after. Seems wrong to me, like dessert before your vegetables. Oh, well.

  • The Rev.

    I’m fighting off a nasty cold and consequently didn’t do much this weekend. The girls were out of town Saturday so I watched a couple of Siffy/Chiller movies I had on the DVR. Age of Dinosaurs is typical Asylum nonsense, but at least it was fun nonsense for the most part. The choice of dinosaurs used were rather unusual, which was nice. Tormented was a pretty decent “back from the grave for revenge” movie. No big surprises, but solid enough.

    Sunday night, as those of you who haunt the forum know, I watched my first Tom Laughlin movie, The Master Gunfighter, and posted my “as it happens” thoughts during it.

    It was nice to have a weekend to catch up on movies; I rarely have the chance anymore.

  • Rock Baker

    Just too bad you had to do so in less than top condition. Get better, Rev!

  • The Rev.

    It was actually a nice excuse to get some stuff off the DVR. “Oh, honey, why don’t you grocery shop, I’m sick.” I get sick rarely enough that I have to milk it when it happens, even if it’s not something relatively lightweight (a nasty cold is still miles ahead of something involving puking).

    Thank you for the well-wishes! I’m pretty much over it; just a little lingering congestion now,

  • Rock Baker

    Praise God that part doesn’t last forever, but it can feel like it does sometimes!