Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension

Monster of the Day #1695

I watched a few Japanese commercial compilations on YouTube. It seems Japanese commercials are often a bit weirder than American commercials, and more likely to feature monsters. This fellow was designed and… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1694

OK, I haven’t seen this, so maybe in the movie itself this is just a guy wearing an alligator skin. However, my faith sustains me. B-Fest is next week already. Good grief.

Monster of the Day #1693

Here’s the IP that ‘inspired’ the upcoming Rock wants-to-be blockbuster and franchise tentpole. I mean, it’s kind of crazy, right? Or is it me?

Monster of the Day #1688

This one actually looks promising, as everyone who saw it in the theater (a good half dozen people) immediately dubbed it terrible. Ah, but my heart has been broken so many times.

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